Welcome to our family farm!

Small Cattle, Big FLAVOR

Our farm is host to a thriving herd of Dexter and Mini-Jersey cattle, these smaller breeds provide a full flavored beef, with finer muscle fiber enhancing the mouthfeel. This gives your dining experience the best of both worlds, with the flavor and nutrients of grass fed beef, without sacrificing tenderness.
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Goat's milk for your furry friends

Goat's milk is often regarded as the 'universal mamalian' milk, this raw milk can be used with your pets in a wide variety of uses. From soothing upset stomaches, to providing easy to digest nutrients, and even being a tasty treat, your pet will love the addition of healthy goat's milk to their diet.
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Our farmers

Steve and Darlene Howard

Meet the owners, the operators, and labor of Sanctuary Hill Farm. Steve and Darlene have made it their mission to be the stewards of the land that God blessed them with, to provide the community with naturally healthy products, and to spread the word of God through their works.

Josh Howard

Our webmaster, photographer, heavy labor, and mechanic. Josh is the son of Steve and Darlene, and takes great pride in assisting the family farm wherever possible. If there is a problem on the farm, or even in your own world, he can solve it.

Sarah Howard

The youngest member of our team, Sarah is the daughter of Steve and Darlene. She is our vet in training, when there is a sick or injured animal, she's the first to jump in to save it. When not busy with school, she helps keep the animals healthy and happy.